The Ju!hoasi Khoi San of the Western Kalahari are a people with a strong rooted…

….. culture and traditions dating back centuries, due to very minimal contact with Western Civilization. The current grandparent generation is THE VERY LAST of the great line of knowledge gathering and information passing. For various reasons there exists a knowledge gap between the grandparent and parent generations, and the parent and child generations, so wide, that the knowledge will almost certainly be lost forever; it is not a science, it is an art.

The immense library of information that these elders carry with them defies belief. Their tracking skills, so honed after decades of experience, are second to none. The hunting skills of the men and the foraging skills of the women in the harsh environment of the Kalahari ensure their survival. But for how long?

An expedition out to visit and spend time with these amazing people is an unmissable chance to catch the last of the last of thousands of years of soon-to-disappear history.
Just imagine: After your day spent with the Ju!hoasi bushmen, you’ve showered, eaten and rested a bit, then it starts?, just off in the distance?, but close enough to hear?

 As you walk over to their camp, the stars are out, the fire glows an eerie orange, the women are clapping and chanting, the men are dancing, the babies are silent, almost asleep, and you’re day’s journey from the nearest signs of formal civilization.

Soon enough, one of the men falls into a trance. The women control his movement through their perfect beat and beautiful voice, and he controls his level of trance through his breathing. Never has something felt so alien, and never have you felt so involved in anything so ancient and sacred. 

Experience this wonderful group of ancient people in their environment, which is harsh only to our untrained eyes. The only way to visit the Ju!hoasi Bushmen is by mobile safari. There is an airstrip into which you will fly, to be met by a vehicle which will take you to camp, from where you will start to explore the area and, most importantly, get to meet these remarkable people.