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Habu is a community run concession situated in the western Okavango Delta. As an area that is new to tourism, it is not currently visited by many people, making it the perfect destination for those wanting a more intimate and authentic safari experience.

The Habu area has a diverse population with Tswana, Herero, Mbukushu and Khoi San (bushmen) groups being predominant. Due to its diverse population groups, Habu holds a large amount of indigenous knowledge, and cultural heritage which can be experienced by visitors in the form of cultural interactions, traditional dances etc.

There is a variety of wildlife to be found here including elephant, impala, kudu, zebra, tsessebe, leopard, cheetah, aardvark, hyena and a healthy pride of lions which are seen regularly. During the wet season, buffalo and hippo are seen in large numbers. There is also a good variety of birdlife and some impressive ancient trees, including a very old baobab grove.