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Khwai is an area that always conjures up something magical for everyone who visits. Whether it’s wild dog on the hunt, lions calling near camp, hyaena cubs playing at their den, or the very rare sighting of a cheetah passing through, being in your private camp in Khwai will be an experience you will never forget.

Set in the northeastern part of the Okavango, Khwai is a community-run concession based along the northern shore of the River Khwai, sitting between the Moremi Game Reserve and the Chobe National Park. It was formed by the local Khwai villagers when they moved out of the Moremi region when the Moremi Game Reserve was formed, and is managed by the Khwai Development Trust.

From riverine woodland to open savannah, from mopane scrub to leadwood thickets, there is an immense diversity of flora and fauna to be found in Khwai. With this diversity of habitat, comes a huge variety and abundance of wildlife.

The dry season of July to October brings many elephants down to the river, often numbering in the hundreds, as well as buffalo, which are often being tracked by lions in the area. Due to the large numbers of impala found in Khwai, the leopard and wild dog attracted to the area is excellent, and rarely does a safari in the area not encounter at least one of these. Occasionally we get to see the more timid antelope, roan and sable, come down through the mopane woodland towards the river, for a drink. There is a wide variety of birdlife, with occasional sightings of the Pel’s fishing owl; one of the most desirable birds on a birder’s list! Explore this piece of wilderness on game drives, night drives, mokoro excursions and on foot.

When not out exploring, we’ll relax in the comfort of our private camp watching what wildlife visits the tributary of the Mbudi river for a drink. With the ability to operate our own timetable with our private guide you will experience one of the finest safaris on offer.