Our Philosophy

When you travel to Botswana with us on a Golden Africa safari, you become a guest in our home, a part of our family and a fellow explorer in one of the most beautiful and magical places on earth – the wilderness of Botswana. The time that we spend together on safari is not merely a vacation; it is a life changing event, and we understand how important that is for every one of our guests. That is why every safari is curated from start to finish with your group’s unique personality, background and desires embedded in our itinerary for you.

The Golden African Family

Every member of the Golden Africa team has a deep passion for Botswana and our lives are dedicated to sharing it with the world. Our deep and intuitive knowledge of Botswana’s spectacular wildlife, and our respect for, and honoured relationship with the country’s indigenous people are the foundations for the experiences that you will have with us. Our staff is hired for character, trained for skill and nurtured for success. All of these qualities translate to an experience for the guest that is safe, inspired, welcoming – and most important of all, heart- stopping!

An Honored Guest in Our Home

From the moment our staff greets you in Botswana, you are a guest in our home. Our small, intimate team is inspired by a commitment to joyful service, embracing you as a friend, and respecting you as a client. The Golden Africa family is dedicated to continuous innovation to offer the highest level of comfort. Our vehicles are well designed and comfortable to accommodate your daily excursions, and our tented camp is pure luxury located in the middle of the African bush. We believe deeply in supporting the local artisans and economy, so you will find bold and beautiful furnishings featuring the designs of African designers. Our cuisine is locally sourced and prepared on site by our own chef. From early morning when we wake you gently for your morning drive, until the final embers around the campfire die out, you will be nurtured and cared for as a family member.

Your Safety is our Priority

We understand that being on safari among wild and exotic animals with unfamiliar terrain is tremendously exciting, but it can also be uncomfortable at first for some guests. Safety is the main concern in everything we do. All of our staff and guides are mature, experienced local wildlife experts and naturalists with at least 15 years of experience. Owner, Rob Barber, has more than 20 years as a certified, professional safari guide. Our core staff members are trained in first aid, and we are intimately familiar with all available medical services and facilities in the highly unlikely circumstance they might be needed.

Our very first and highest priority is to NEVER put a guest in harm’s way.

Of course, COVID-19 has added to the necessity for even more stringent safety and sanitation protocols. View our COVID-19 protocols document here. We work closely with each group to ensure that all COVID-19 procedures demanded by each country visited on the journey are followed.

Preservation of Wildlife and Culture is Our Core Belief

Golden Africa is deeply dedicated to the preservation of the wildlife and ecosystem of Botswana and Africa, and we are honoured to contribute to the preservation and enrichment of our country’s indigenous tribes.

We are deeply passionate and caring about the welfare for all animals; wild and domestic. At present, we are home to 13 rescue animals and have fostered many more. We also support the Maun Animal Welfare Society (MAWS), and serve as a member of the MAWS Committee. Part of this support motivated us to set up our camp in Habu, a remote area located far away from veterinary care, for MAWS to use as a base for an outreach program. These outreach programs are vital not only to provide veterinary care to the community’s animals, but to educate the communities on animal welfare, and to protect wildlife through the prevention of the transmission of rabies and canine distemper from domestic dogs to wildlife such as wild dogs, jackals, lions, leopards and cheetah.

We have developed a deep and longstanding relationship with the Khoi San indigenous people from the XaiXai region of western Botswana. As a result, the elders of the tribe have granted Golden Africa and our guests a unique access to their community so we can experience, understand and even engage in their culture and lifestyle.

As another gesture of friendship, we were married by elders of the tribe in a magical wedding ceremony in the bush. See Okavango weddings for some photos of our wedding!

We believe that as visitors to this land, we receive innumerable gifts – the light of the African sun, spectacular sunsets, sounds of brilliant birds never seen outside of this country, the experience of living in the moment with a leopard as she hunts, or seeing a giraffe towering above the tallest trees. We receive the welcome of the people who have lived in and loved this land for thousands of years.

And thus, we believe that we must give back for those privileges. A portion of the proceeds of each safari is contributed to the Golden Africa Trust for youth empowerment and education programs in the Xai Xai community. In addition to our contributions, we are committed to continuous innovation to ensure that all of our operations are sustainable for the land, the culture and the wildlife of Botswana.